Introduction of the school of materials science and engineering of Shanghai University

New materials, as one of four stanchion for modern civilization society in the twenty-first century, are closely related to national economy and people’s daily life. The School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shanghai University is a professional school, which mainly focus in new materials research and teaching programs for undergraduate, postgraduate (Master's degree and Doctor's degree) and post-doctor for the society. The school also has been listed as a key constructive subject of national "211 Engineering Program".

The school has three departments: Materials Science and Engineering, Electronic Information Materials and Polymer Materials, including one institute of Materials, one National Constructive Laboratory (i.e. Key Lab of Modern Metallurgy & Materials Processing), and two open laboratories of Shanghai Education Committee (i.e. mechanical properties of materials, microstructures and properties). For the student, the school have 2 post-doctor programs for Metallurgy and Materials, 2 Doctor’s degree-granting programs for Ferrous Metallurgy and Materials, 7 Master’s degree-granting programs for Ferrous Metallurgy, Materials, Materials Engineering, Non-Ferrous Metals, Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Micro-electron and Solid State Electronics, Polymer Chemistry and Physics, 2 Engineering Master’s degree-granting programs for Materials Engineering and Metallurgy Engineering; and 6 undergraduate programs for Metallurgy Engineering, Metallic Materials and Engineering, Inorganic Materials and Engineering, Polymer Materials and Engineering, Material Physics and Electronic Science and Technology.

The school has 4 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 30 doctor advisors, 52 professors and 62 associate professors. The school have gotten 78 awards of Scientific and Technological Achievements (including national, municipal government and enterprise). More than 2700 scientific papers were published. We have constructed bilateral communication with many university and institute abroad and in China, such as America, United Kingdom, Canada, German, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Japan, South-Korea and so on.

The school focus training the student and research on a firm theoretical and practical basis, with wide knowledge, practical skill, strong ability of computer applications and spoken and written English. For the most important, we train our students with morality, wisdom and physical. The students graduated from the school are welcomed for the company and other type of employer for the good reputations. Thousands of the graduates become leaders and directors in many fields and more than 300 graduates continuing the study abroad.

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